Missing persons

I woke up this morning missing something.

I miss bed you can roll out of either side of instead of only being able crawling out awkwardly over the top. I miss toilets that flush quietly without pumping them.  I miss lighting the stove to make coffee without having to creep outside to turn on the gas. I miss drinking out of glass glasses and not eating off plastic plates. I miss regular fridges with vertical doors that you can stand in front of and look into even when you’re not really hungry. I miss unlimited power that you don’t have to generate or store. I miss sitting in chairs.

I miss furniture that you can move around because it isn’t just an extension of the wall. I miss vacuum cleaners. I miss knowing that you’ll be able to find everything on your grocery list at the grocery store not just, maybe, half the items. I miss grocery stores, the kind with isles you can walk down and carts to push around. I miss sleeping through rain squalls and storm winds because I am not worried about my house dragging anchor and sinking.

But those are all trivial because they are not what I woke up missing this morning. This morning I woke up missing friends, real friends. The friends you can not talk to for months and you can just pick up where you left off. The friends you can talk to every day and not get bored of. The kind of friends that you can be yourself around, unapologetically, and they still like you. The kind of friends who get your quirky sense of humour even if they don’t laugh at your jokes.  The kind of friends you can burp and fart in front of and it’s ok because they burp and fart too (we all do actually but don’t tell anyone). The friends you consider family.

The friends that are actually your family.

Because, although we met a lot of interesting people out sailing it’s hard to make real friends. And if, by chance, you do find one of those people you think might turn out to be a friend you are usually moving in different directions and you never get a chance to find out.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade this sailing life. I love this life. But every once in a while I wish I could throw a big party in the beautiful anchorage that we are at and have all those great people come and join us for the day.

Or atleast that the internet was fast enough to use skype.

Love, H&S


4 thoughts on “Missing persons

  1. Hi, you had me worried for a min or four. I thought person overboard.! Can happen to anyone. Please be carefull next time, not everyone read between the lines. Love your stories, this one had a worried start. Remember your life is rich compare to most of us, landlubbers and dreamers. Happy sailing peter Perth wa

    Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S5 on the Telstra 4G network


  2. Lovely written Heather. Guys may miss having mates around but women seem to be able to express it so much better. Keep up your elusive quest for half a bar of reception and hopefully a girlfriend will make contact. Bruce&Anne


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