Galley Notes: Quick Preserves, Turmeric Gin

I use several techiniques to make our provisions last, with limited cold storage space I have to. Years I ago I discovered that you can preserve ginger, and other rhizomes like turmeric, simply by submersing it in alcohol. The method that has a two-fold result; fresh ginger/turmeric that is ready to add to any dish, and some delightfully flavoured alcohol ready to add to your sundown cocktail. And best of all, no fancy equipment or refrigeration required.

Turmeric left, Ginger right, HF

I wrote all about this quick, easy and delicious perserving method for Marisa over on Food in Jars last month, check it out! Also tumeric gin is CRAZY delicious and a great way to perk up a less-than-topshelf bottle of booze.



6 thoughts on “Galley Notes: Quick Preserves, Turmeric Gin

      • Never thought it would be a good combo, now I gotta try it. We’re going to have to figure out where to store our wine collection all over the boat. Keep it up,
        I read your stuff in the magazines- we leave on Baja HaHa in 2019-

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      • Woolie socks make great bottle protectors. Mind import regulations, you will get searched some where along the way. Also, some fab wines grown in Mexico! Thanks for reading, stick some white vinegar in your new grubby toilet, it’ll make it look like new. Best of luck prepping to finally set sail.

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      • Awesome, thanks for the advice, we’re all over it. Have to figure out what to do with all of our wine on the boat and how the holds will effect them, but we’re gonna do it anyways. We’re going to do the white vinegar in the toilets on the 17th (Saint Pattys Day) and I’ll take another pic-


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