Throwback Thursday; How to Survive the Swine Flu and other Pork Related Advice

I started writing Letters from Kate as a weekly newsletter to family and friends in 2008 when we bought the boat. They went out as emails and when I got organized appeared on a page of the website. Last year I changed format and started using a more modern blog platform to share our “Letters”, thus removing the newsletter page from the website. I thought I would start sharing some of our past adventures with you in a Throwback Thursday series. I hope you enjoy! H

How to Survive the Swine Flu and other Pork Related Advice

It’s not that we didn’t notice the people on the bus wearing masks, it’s just that it didn’t seem that strange to us. We’d both lived in places where wearing a dust mask in the city is the only defense against the legions of two stroke motorbikes that belch out exhaust so thick it leaves a film on the buildings and a sooty puddle in you Kleenex at night. We weren’t on the Baja anymore, that remote paradise of clean air and friendly faces, that world within a world where locals go to vacation. We were on the mainland now, in the big city of Puerto Vallarta (or PV as it is affectionately known). No one stopped to notice us, no one cared about just another couple of tourist. If you’re crazy enough to wear a dust mask and even gloves on public transport than it is no surprise that you cast a suspicious glare in your neighbours direction.

We’d been blissfully out of touch for only ten days, but ten days in today’s world can feel like a life time for some people. For us it was the norm, no internet or HF radio on board. We carry a satellite phone for emergency use and the occasional call home to give a position update or check on family, but no daily connection with the world outside our physical experience. So when we couldn’t find a WIFI signal to steal the very moment we arrived in Puerto Vallarta it was no big deal. The world hadn’t crumbled into chaos while we were out enjoying ourselves, it would survive another 24hours without us logging on. Besides, we had engine problems and in our world that always takes top priority.
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