Abandoning Ship, Cooking up a Storm, Keeping Your Cool and Solar Gadgets to Keep you Connected; Article Roundup

There is an old sailors mantra that says you should always step up into the liferaft, or in other words abandoning the vessel should be the very last resort. We had a chance to inspect our Viking life raft when we had it serviced in Fiji. Sitting inside the small, orange inflatable compartment was sobering; we would be expecting a bouncy castle to save our lives. However, your life raft deserves some consideration, so take a few minutes to read about the Small Boat for Big Emergencies.

A ditch bag is boat speak for the last thing you grab before abandoning said ship and the first you should review before leaving port on a passage. So, What’s in your ditch bag? Find out what’s in mine by reading that one.

A few solar gadgets will never go astray during an emergency, and can make everyday life on board a little more emjoyable too. I tested a few and wrote about them for Blue Water Sailing.

Hot days beg for cold beer, but many sailors struggle with the refrigeration unit on board. Want to know how to keep your cool and learn how the fridge works? Check out my September column in BWS, includes a delicious recipe for Leftover Rice Salad!

Or, maybe you are curious about the difference between an alcohol stove and an LPG stove on a boat, and want some tips about using them safely, whether at anchor or at sea. Cruising Helmsman in Australia published an article about that in October. You can read it here.

I hope you enjoy the read!



Trying to Reach teh Bottom of the Icebox, HF.jpg

Had your head down and missed a few articles?

Tsunami Stories on a Throwback Thursday

Todays 8.3 earthquake in Chile has again sparked tsunami warnings throughout the Pacific, although it does not sound like it will affect us here in Vanuatu. Thankfully. But this isn’t our first tsunami warning.

In 2010 an earthquake in Chile caused a tsunami warning to be issued while we were afloat in Panama City, and in 2011 we were awoken in French Polynesia by the sirens of the Gendarme warning the seaside community about an earthquake and massive tsunami in Japan.

I thought I would post a piece that was published in Blue Water Sailing back in 2013 about our experience during these times. It’s called Tsunami, Tsunami

And we hope that everyone, afloat and on shore, is safe.



July Article

I hope that everyone back home in Canada is celebrating Canada Day with summery weather!

If you’re in Australia or New Zealand you can find a story about out time sailing in Tonga in the July issue of Cruising Helmsman Magazine. It’s on sale now, Steve even found a copy of it in the Melbourne Airport last week!

July Cruising Helsman

July Cruising Helmsman

As always, check out the “Articles” page on the website for the full colour layout!



May BWS Article

There is still time to hit the news stands and pick up the May 2015 Issue of Blue Water Sailing magazine where you can find all my tips and tricks to make provisioning quicker and food last longer!

May BWS Article

Click here if you can’t find a copy of the magazine in a store near you.


Remember that time we sailed around Costa Rica?

“As we neared Costa Rica we sailed into days of violent squalls. The thunder was so loud I wondered if the rig was coming down, and caught myself ducking with my hands over my head. The pitch black night was punctuated by blinding bolts of lightning that often struck the water nearby. We watched as their fiery edges dance to an audible crackle of electricity. The wet, grey days were spent trying to dodge patches of driving rain and catch the fickle winds. It seemed like we sailed in circles for hours trying to avoid the worst of the weather. We were mentally and physically spent and I was looking forward to spending a quiet weekend licking my wounds and catching up on sleep.”

Want more?

You will have to check the news stands for the April issue of Blue Water Sailing!

Blue Water Sailing April 2015

Blue Water Sailing April 2015

…or click HERE

December Reading

Check out the December Issue of Blue Water Sailing to read about another of our “Classic Passages”, A Trip into the Dangerous Middle, the eventful passage between French Polynesia and Niue.

Dangerous Middle And don’t forget you can check out the ‘Articles‘ page on the website if your local news agent doesn’t carry BWS Magazine.