Tropical Boat Storage article in Cruising World

It is that time of a year again, the seasons are changing and many of us sailors are planning how and where spend the storm season. We spent four cyclone seasons holed up in Vuda Point Marina, Fiji, which meant we got the process of packing up and shipping off down to a fine art.

You can read about it in the September issue of Cruising World, in stores and online now! Check out their “How To” section for my best tips and tricks for storing your boat in the tropics.

Cruising World Sept Cover

Cruising World Sept 2015



Hard times, no more

The last few weeks have been long and exhausting. This time of year in the South Pacific always is. As the heat of summer recedes and winter brings calmer weather and favorable winds there is a rush to get projects completed, to meet deadlines, to catch weather windows. But this year our transition from being a boat packed up and battened down for cyclone season to being a boat ready to sail into the wild blue yonder has been especially trying.

Trying for three weeks to organize the two boats behind us to move so we could launch Kate.

Trying to do semi impossible things like paint on a new coat of anti-foul while still in the hole.

Trying not to loose too much sleep or my cool while we wasted away on land when we could have been bobbing peacefully at anchor.

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Grand Opening of the Boatyard Brew Company

Back at the beginning of December Steve and I did something that we’ve been talking about for a long time. Something that we should have done years ago. After months of procrastination, and with the holidays just around the bend, we decided there would be no better time for it. We put up our first batch of home brew…or should I say boat brew.

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Life is the Pits!

Not everything goes to plan, at least not in our world.

We were out, sailing around the Mamanuca (pronounced MamanuTHa) and Yasawa islands here on the western side of Fiji, enjoying ourselves and the pretty little deserted island we were anchored at, when we got an email.  Yep, thanks to our recent upgrade in technology (Steve brought home a Smartphone in February) and that we were able to get cell phone coverage, although just barely, we have email access on board now. Anyway, it was an offer for a relief position for Steve again, this time they needed someone yesterday. We weighed our options, considered the new problem with the diesel tank and the rolly anchorages we’ve been in over the last week decided that we couldn’t turn the offer down. So, we started on the new plan, making our  way back to Vuda Point Marina, where we booked a “cyclone pit” for three months of the “non-cyclone time to go sailing” season, and started to think about dismantling Kate for storage again.  Continue reading