Galley Notes; How to Dress a Squid

So, you’ve managed to convince some cephalopods that your lure looked tasty and now you’ve got a bucket full o’ squid. Visions of calamari are dancing in your head, but just how to you get from whole animal to delicious, deep fried morsels?

“Dressing” a squid does not involve turtle necks or tutus, it is just a fancy word for cleaning, gutting and preparing an animal for eating. The great thing about squid is that there isn’t anything too stinky, slimy, bloody, nasty or gross about cleaning them. Even people queasy about handle a dead chicken will probably find squid rather benign.

After 50 odd cephalopods Steve made cleaning them look dead easy, and it is. Here’s he fool proof method for dressing a squid.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: A sharp knife, a good cutting board, a bucket of sea water, maybe an old tshirt and a cold beer. Continue reading

How to find the Perfect Anchorage, Just Squidding

What constitutes a great anchorage?

Everyone has their “must haves”, for some it is a WIFI signal, for others it is easy access to a resort or restaurant ashore. Some people choose an anchorage because the guidebook recommended it, some like to anchor where other boats are. Some people are into kite boarding or windsurfing and anchor close to prime beaches and shallows, the surfers pick spots within reach of all the great waves.

Here on Kate when searching for that perfect place to throw the pick we look for a spot that is: Continue reading