Checking off the “To Do” list

So while I have been playing around in the galley Steve has been doing all the real work.

The shiny new diesel tank came back and after a minor modification (the addition of a couple tabs welded to to the top so it could actually be secured beneath the floor, who’d have thunk!) and it was successfully re-installed. Over the last couple years it seems like we’ve repaired or replaced almost every major system on board. Hopefully this is one of the last big hurdles so in commemoration we decided to sign and date the tank, literally putting our personal stamp on things. And with the newly varnished floor boards put back down, and the game of ‘don’t fall in the hole’ over, things inside are almost back to normal.

Giddy Up!

Giddy Up!


Delivered, Sealed and Signed








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Life is the Pits!

Not everything goes to plan, at least not in our world.

We were out, sailing around the Mamanuca (pronounced MamanuTHa) and Yasawa islands here on the western side of Fiji, enjoying ourselves and the pretty little deserted island we were anchored at, when we got an email.  Yep, thanks to our recent upgrade in technology (Steve brought home a Smartphone in February) and that we were able to get cell phone coverage, although just barely, we have email access on board now. Anyway, it was an offer for a relief position for Steve again, this time they needed someone yesterday. We weighed our options, considered the new problem with the diesel tank and the rolly anchorages we’ve been in over the last week decided that we couldn’t turn the offer down. So, we started on the new plan, making our  way back to Vuda Point Marina, where we booked a “cyclone pit” for three months of the “non-cyclone time to go sailing” season, and started to think about dismantling Kate for storage again.  Continue reading