Keep Fit and Have Fun Onboard!

Looking for a way to keep fit and have fun onboard?

Fitness Afloat Heather FrancisIn my June BWS column, Heather Francis Onboard, I talk about how to stay fit afloat. If you missed it on the news stands you can check it out here, or get a digital subscription via Zinio and never miss an issue.

TBT: Tales From the Crypt in Cruising Helmsman Magazine

Don’t believe it is bad luck to leave port on a Friday? Well, six years ago we tested the theory when we departed from Isla Coco’s and sailed to the Galapagos Islands. The passage was one of our worst!

If you’re near a news stand Down Under you can trip down memory lane with us and read all about our (mis)adventures in the March issue of Cruising Helmsman Magazine.


Say Cheese!

We have some very exciting news to kick off the New Year! Kate is featured on the January 2015 cover of Cruising Helmsman, “Australia’s No.1 Sailing Magazine”. A real team effort with me at the helm and Steve snapping photos from the dinghy.

And if you happen upon a December issue there should be a 9 page article in it about our time in the Tuamotu. Sorry for the late heads up on that one, I though it was all hitting the newsstands in one issue.

I hope some of our Aussie and Kiwi readers get a chance to pick up a copy this month, and if you do please let us know how it looks.

Kate on the cover of Cruising Helmsman~

Kate on the cover of Cruising Helmsman