It’s not off to the glue factory for me yet.

I usually stick pretty close to home, and this last weekend especially being no exception to that rule. I spent most of my days propped up in the cockpit, my right knee gently supported in various states of rest hoping that the next time I had to hobble to bathroom 100M away it wouldn’t be so stiff.

Thankfully Jim next door has been fetching bags of ice from the shop for me. Jo, a long time security guard at the marina, brought me a proper elastic brace and some homeopathic analgesic spray on Saturday night, unprompted. After a very lonely few days it was nice to know that someone here is looking out for me.

The good news is that indeed it is getting better. Hopefully by the end of the day I can make it past the bathroom/shower building, maybe even making it as far as the shop for a bottle of soda water. I know, what excitement!

But, before my great plunge into immobility I was working on my latest round of sewing projects, one of which I am quite excited about. Continue reading