1. PRO– We travel the world and get to sleep in our own bed every night.
CON- I have spent many a stormy night lying awake in my own bed worried we’ll drag anchor and end up on the reef, losing everything.

2. PRO- The living space is limited but you should see the pool!
CON- At any given time we share the ‘pool’ with stinging jellies, sharks and, in the Solomon Islands, crocodiles.

3. PRO- We can fish for our supper.
CON- There is a reason they call it fishing not catching.

4. PRO- As people always like to remind us, the wind is “free”.
CON- It might be free but it ain’t easy when you don’t control which direction it blows or how hard.

5. PRO- There is a great tradition in the sailing community of sharing information and helping during a crisis.
CON- It is often assumed that since we share one common interest (we both own a boat) that we share many, and therefore automatically must be best friends.

6. PRO- In the beginning it felt like we were sailing new waters, discovering new things and finally getting off the beaten track.
CON- I soon discovered that everyone has already been here, done it and screwed up the natives along the way.

7. PRO- There is no daily grind, no boss or no schedule.
CON- We are completely and fully responsible for everything that we do and do not get accomplished in a day.

8. PRO- We get to see remote, beautiful and sometimes uninhabited parts of the world.
CON- Every beach we’ve ever visited has plastic on it. I often am completely disgusted and totally discouraged about how much we have polluted the earth.

9. PRO- Living outside the parameters of what most people consider normal is exhilarating.
CON- With each passing year it becomes more difficult to live inside the parameters of what most people consider “normal”.

10. PRO- It is bikini season all the time! (in the tropics)
CON- It is bikini season ALL the time!