Landsickness; The Sailors Stigma

Not a lot of people talk about it, in fact I think most sailors who suffer from it are a bit embarrassed. But, I think talking about issues like this is important, and I hope that by sharing my story I can help other sailors out there who is suffering in silence.

What I am talking about is landsickness.

Landsickness affects different sailors in different ways; some people have difficulty believing that their coffee cup will stay on counter top without non-skid, some people crave salt and others feel nauseous when simply sitting still. The trick is to recognize how your body reacts to living on land and learning how you can cope with it. Continue reading

Heather Francis Onboard, the October issue of BWS

The October issue of Blue Water Sailing is on news stands now. Inside you can find the second edition of my column on crew health and welfare, “Heather Francis Onboard”. This month I address the aliment that lots of sailors have suffered through but not many talk about; Seasickness. Here’s a photo sent from Kim, a reader, enjoying a sunny morning on the dock with a copy of Blue Water Sailing Magazine.

October Column

October Column



HINT: For all of you that can’t find it on news stands head over to the “Articles” page of the website. Digital subscriptions are available through ZINIO.