Can you hear me now?!

I realize things have been a little quiet around here. The thing is comm’s in the Solomon’s aren’t great. We don’t have dedicated internet or email on board and depend on the local cell phone networks to keep up with things online. Outside the few larger townships getting a cell signal sometimes requires a tin foil hat and a few hours of my time. Besides spending my time looking for the “Telekom tree” to stand under and perching percariously on the bow underway with the phone raised above my head searching for signal I have also paid take local boats 45 minutes ride to the nearest town just to send an email, file a story or check the long range weather forecast.

Rest assured things are good onboard and the Solomon’s are treating us well. I am excited to share it all with you but so far am not having much luck. So until the next cell tower looms into view (and they haven’t run out of gasoline to run the generator that powers the tower) you can follow us via our SPOT which is activited each time we move. You can also follow us on Instagram (an app that seems to work with barely any signal at all) and on facebook (the SPOT is automatically linked to our page).