Some things are sent to test us.

Some people like to call it a “Shake down cruise” but I think that sounds too nicey nicey.  There has been nothing “cruisey” about the last two weeks on board Kate. The term “Sea Trial” seems much more appropriate.

As is the norm before a passage and after a long period on the hard we took the boat out for sea trials. It is a chance to test new equipment, check existing systems, find faults and set up gear. It is a chance to re-familiarize ourselves and the boat with the business of sailing and living on board in the harsh environment of the ocean. Breakages are expected, even preferred at this point. After all it is easier to fix things when you’re only miles from the nearest chandlery or town than it is when those resources are literally days away. They might say that bad things come in 3’s, but after a couple of days it was starting to feel like we are getting them in 3’s3. 

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