New Year, new islands to explore

After over a week of heavy rain and sometimes very blustery winds the weather has finally broken. We are taking this sunny opportunity to escape from the dirty little town if Gizo and start exploring the surrounding islands in the western province of the Solomn Islands.  Our first stop is to check out a cyclone hole just 12NM to the west of us at the island of Laipari. From there we’ll head east to check out the Marovo Lagoon, the Diamond Narrows and the town of Noro.

The charts are full of potential anchorages, but not many settlements…perfection in our books. Unfortunately the rains seem to have taken the winds with them so it might slow going.

SPOT is on.




The Solomon's are beautiful when it is not raining.

Safe and Sound… and so very Grateful

I am not sure we realize how very lucky we were this past weekend.

As we boarded a plane on Tuesday to return home to Kate in Fiji it wasn’t our luggage that was weighing us down. It was a deepening low pressure system, a late season cyclone in the South Pacific, that was heavy on our shoulders. After 36 hours of transit and very little sleep we arrived after dark and had a wet and windy cab ride home. It was sheer exhaustion that let us sleep; TC Pam, a potential super storm, was still threatening to head towards Fiji. Continue reading